Battle of Gods on Steam Greenlight! We Want Your Vote!

Battle of Gods IconHello everyone! We’ve just launched our Steam Greenlight application for Battle of Gods so come vote us here. In the meantime, read more about the game below, watch the gameplay video, and send us feedback.

You have been chosen by your god to lead an army and vanquish all enemies. Every step you take could be your last, you must face many challenges in order to prove you are worthy. You must enlist allies, trade items, learn spells, improve your units. You will face countless bosses and hope to come out unscathed.

Battle of Gods is a rogue-like turn-based strategy game that tries to combine different game styles to produce a unique gaming experience which features:

  • Random maps and quests – maps are generated randomly and so are the quests
  • Tactical combat – combat involves taking many decisions according to your army and the opponents army
  • Level up your hero – as you win more battles, your hero becomes stronger
  • Large variety of items – items are generated and not preset
  • Cool spells – a large variety of spells ranging from defensive to offensive ones
  • Upgradable units – units can be trained to become better
  • Permanent death – when you die, you die, you have to start all over again

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